We are a manufacturer and supplier of standard quality PET preforms, PET plastic bottles, and Plastic caps to all customers at a reasonable price.

Our products are made on modern, high-potential machines. Including quality control systems in the manufacturing process. We prioritize the highest level of customer satisfaction.
We would like to recommend the following products.
Preform Size 13.5g.
Preform Size 13.5 G.
Neck Size 2925
Preform Size 26.5g.

Preform Size 26.5 G.
Neck Size 2925
Plastic Bottle 250ml.
Plastic Bottle 250 ml.
Neck size 3025
Plastic Bottle 200ml. 

Plastic Bottle 200 ml.
Neck size 3025
Our products are guaranteed to be of high quality. As a result of the development and implementation of the GHP & HACCP system, we sold many products to domestic and international customers. This includes all relevant plans for the company's product manufacturing quality.



 Preform PET 


      We are a leading company that manufactures and distributes PET Preforms under strict quality control. We pay special attention to every stage of production in accordance with international standards. Assuring that each piece of the product reaches the customer's hands in good condition. Customers can choose from a variety of Preform sizes.


           “Because we are confident in the quality of our Preform.” 




 Plastic Bottle PET 


        In addition to PET preforms and plastic caps, we manufacture PET bottles of standardized and high quality. We also have a diverse variety of bottle shapes. Every stage of production is important to us. As a result, our company guarantees that all products are clean and safe.


           “PET bottles are clean, safe, and reliable for consumption.”





 Plastic CAP 


        A bottle's component is a plastic cap. Its purpose is to keep the liquid from flowing out of the bottle, so it must be carefully chosen. There is a clean, safe, and guaranteed quality production process that meets international standards. Simple to close, secure, and leak-free

“Colorful, fresh, clean plastic caps with international quality standards.”



Concentrate on producing high-quality products
from standardized raw materials.
Certified by
ISO 9001:2015
Fastest delivery services.

Standardized transportation allows for delivery anywhere in the country.
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