Fahsiam Intergroup Co., Ltd. strives to produce high-quality PET preforms, PET plastic bottles, and Plastic caps at competitive prices for all customers. The current address of our plant is 59 Moo. 1, Khlongchet Subdistrict, Khlongluang District, Pathum Thani Province 12120 Thailand. With potential machines, we prioritize production cleanliness and customer satisfaction. A quality control team inspects the products. Before leaving the manufacturing, every product is rigorously tested. Our company's three main products are designed to ensure the quality of the products delivered and to meet the needs of all customers.



                                                          Preform PET                                   Plastic Bottle PET                              Plastic Cap PET

GMP & HACCP Policy

                      Fahsiam Intergroup Co., Ltd. wishes to establish a quality control system, specifically the Food Hygiene Basic Program Management System (Food Hygiene) or GHP (Good Hygiene Practice) and the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system in accordance with The General standards. GHPs and The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) System (CXC 1-1969), Revised in 2020, and Partial Application of ISO/TS 22002-4: Prerequisite Programs for Food Packaging Manufacturing.


                The company wishes to ensure the quality of its products sold to both domestic and international customers. As a result of the company's development and implementation of the GMP & HACCP system, which covers all relevant plans in terms of product manufacturing quality.


                   Employees at the company are assisted in the development of the GHP & HACCP systems in terms of management and responsibility. Furthermore, the company supports employee education and training on GHP and HACCP systems by allowing them to attend seminars and operate both inside and outside the company.


                       GHP and HACCP systems will be audited on a regular basis. When it is necessary to improve the system, the company reaffirms its intention to establish a GHP & HACCP system within the company and is willing to cooperate fully in all areas required for operation. for future sales of high-quality, safe products to customers.


We are a manufacturer of PET preforms, Plastic bottles and Plastic cap.
Certification of ISO 9001:2015 , GHP , HACCP

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